Monday, October 31, 2011

My cute niece, Dhea

Idk why i really miss my niece rn..It's been 2 month since i left my hometown.. That time she still could'nt able to walk, but now my brothers said that she even can run well.. I miss Dhea sooo much..
She is the daughter of my cousin, her name is Keysifa Diandra.. was born at August 12nd 2010, on her father bday.. She really is a good eater, idk where that talent comes from, but she just tooooo skillfull in eating hehe.. Shes totally not a picky eater like any others babies, but she eats almost all things she sees.. Even wire, handphone, sandal, remote, yeah, you just list it haha.. It sounds terrible rite?? but that's the fact.. So wherever she went, we have to be sharp-sighted!! hahaha.. no, she doesn't actually eat those things (not chew then swallow it), but she likes to enter them immediately to her mouth.. what a cute niece i have rite?? ahhhh,, Dhea, i micccyuuuuuu~~.. *what i afraid of the most is she can't notice me when me met in March hahaha :((

These are her cute pics
what a cutie :*
with her two babysitters (my brothers)

don't cry~~
wearing my inner hijab
omg i love this! she knew how to pose :)
eating orange


cried when the car stopped